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About The River Stour

In total the River Stour is 47 miles long, our portion is roughly 400m in length, part of this length is the loop that creates Pitmire Island.

Residents of The River Stour

Water loving birds such as ducks and swans are often seen swimming up and down our stretch of the river, diving into the water to catch their dinner. If you keep an eye out and look quietly you may spot a Kingfisher.

In summer damselflies and dragonflies can be seen darting around trying to find a mate, if they aren't careful though, they may get eaten by one of the many fish that live just beneath the river's surface.

Otters and freshwater Eels are sometimes seen.

"Rocking reeds on the River Stour"

Banks of reeds such as this one can alter the course of a river, diverting the flow and eroding new watercourses. Later in the year they will form dense cover for water birds and other river life.

Burst Banks

Burst Banks

At the foot of Stour Cliff and up to the banks of the river itself, a naturally fertile plain has been created by flood deposits. Here water loving willows are the best crop as most other plants would struggle with the flood-cycle.

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