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Welcome to Daws Hall Nature Reserve

A 25-acre Nature Reserve on the Essex-Suffolk border, dedicated to environmental education. Catering for Early Years through all the Key Stages into Further Education and Adult Studies.

At Daws Hall we seek to spark a lifelong passion for nature in everyone.


Please note. Daws Hall Nature Reserve is only open to the public on event days, a list of our upcoming events and workshops is here



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What's on 2024

Our event dates for 2024 are now provisionally set.

Explore 2024 here

A drawing of a bright orange and blue dragonfly in flight

Read all about it!

This year's Newsletter has now been released. Read it digitally on our Web viewer here

Image of a bright red Seven Spot Ladybird perched on a leaf.

We wish!

Support our efforts in conservation and education by buying something on our "Wish List". We'll aim to add things for all budgets. View list on Amazon


Help! Volunteers Wanted.

We're always looking for helping hands on the Reserve or for our Open Days. If you have a skill or any spare time, we'd love to hear from you.

Otterly fabulous.

A satisfyingly slinky Otter (Lutra lutra) dives from a monitoring raft and swims off into the dark. Otters are an amazing but elusive predator in freshwater ecology.


Otters are one population in recovery and it is reported that the number of sites with an otter presence increased by 55% between 1994 and 2002 and in the Environment Agency declared in 2011 that every county in the UK once again has otters present.

Outline of a television with trail cam footage overlayed.
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