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Birds, Bees and Butterflies

Daws Hall, a very special nature reserve and garden.

We are proud to introduce a new book by the owner of Daws Hall, and Founder of Daws Hall Trust, Major Iain Grahame.

" admiration for what they have achieved with the nature reserve and garden at Daws Hall knows no bounds." Alan Titchmarsh, MBE

Iain Grahame has devoted over fifty years of his life to the conservation of wildlife and the planting and nurture of trees and roses at Daws Hall. His colourful anecdotes and descriptions of events along the way are both entertaining and informative. The 134 page book is fully illustrated with colour photographs of the site, transporting the reader to the beauty of the nature reserve and gardens, throughout the seasons.

"A wonderful account and an inspiration. It is a triumph!" - R.P.

"A truly amazing record of what you have achieved at Daws Hall" - A.E.K.K.

£14 + £2 postage.

Click order now to get your copy, we will be in touch shortly to process your order.

Part of the proceeds for each sale will go to

Daws Hall Trust (Reg. Charity No.1157570)

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